Forever Voiceless - 2023 RSD Exclusive

Posted on February 16, 2023 by James


An instrumental edition of the critically acclaimed 2022 album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE written and produced by Brian Eno.

Brian Eno released his latest studio album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE in October 2022. It quickly garnered praise from critics and was a distinct departure from recent Eno albums, featuring his vocals as primary focus across an entire album for the first time since 2005’s ‘Another Day On Earth’.

With FOREVER VOICELESS he has removed the voice moving the focus back onto the core music for this special Record Store Day release.

Eno experimented with the use of tonal over major chord changes for the original album that was at times choral and hymnal, sometimes apocalyptic and then hauntingly beautiful. These instrumentals reveal the starkly dramatic and delicate tones that set these shifting moods. The album’s theme, a reaction to the ongoing climate emergency, is now laid out clearly in this hypnotic, sonic landscape.

He noted that, as an artist, he creates sonic worlds, only this time these were landscapes with humans in them. With the voice removed, these tracks are once again places that we can travel to.

“I’ve been doing what you might call landscape music for quite a few years, making atmospheres and moods and places rather than narratives. They’re not stories, they are places you can go to, musical places.

The voice is there almost as narrator, not so much as a personality. it’s not necessarily me, it’s not autobiographical in a certain way. it’s meant to be anonymous.” - Brian Eno

The recordings were written and produced at Eno's studios in West London and Norfolk and is available HERE