Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Standard Vinyl

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Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Vinyl 180g 2017 Standard Edition.

Originally released by Island Records in November 1974, ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’ picks up stylistically where its trailblazing predecessor ‘Here Come The Warm Jets’ left off earlier in that same year. Here, a more assured Eno is at the helm, enlisting the help of his friends The Winkies, former Roxy Music band members Phil Manzanera and Andy MacKay, Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine and Phil Collins of Genesis / Brand X.


Side 1

1. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
2. Back In Judy's Jungle
3. Fat Lady Of Limbourg
4. Mother Whale Eyeless
5. The Great Pretender

Side 2

1. Third Uncle
2. Put A Straw Under Baby
3. The True Wheel
4. China My China
5. Taking Tiger Mountain


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