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Roger and Brian Eno’s acclaimed creative collaboration continues with seven additional tracks

“There’s a huge commonality between what we’re interested in.” Roger Eno

“These pieces are very Impressionistic and very much to do with sonic quality, sonic colour.” Brian Eno

Brian and Roger Eno have revolutionised many concepts of music production and performance, from Brian’s pioneering treatments of pop music to his younger brother Roger’s ambient synth/piano recordings, reminiscent of Erik Satie.

These qualities resonate on Mixing Colours. Each brings his unerring sense of place and mood to the album. The timbre in each title deepens and opens up with each listening. Specific yet abstract titles guide listeners through the collection created over several years in a unique collaboration between these two artists.

The result is deep-dive listening and landscapes of sound bearing titles like those of abstract art: “Obsidian”, “Deep Saffron”, “Wintergreen”…

Following its release in March, the Eno brothers’ debut Deutsche Grammophon album, Mixing Colours, caught the imagination of critics and listeners alike with its eighteen meditations on the slow, shifting nature of sound and time. Now their acclaimed creative collaboration continues with Luminous, a 12" EP containing seven new tracks.

Again, the evocative titles are colour-based – “Moss”, “Violet”, “Manganese”, “Vermilion”, “Marble”, “Pewter” and “Malachite”. And again, the pared-down beauty and meditative qualities of these new miniatures mean that every hearing is rewarded with fresh discoveries.

As with the album, the artist Dom Theobald has again supplied original cover artwork for Luminous, and to support smaller retailers as they reopen with the easing of lockdown measures, a special version of the EP on sun yellow vinyl, with a different version of the cover artwork, will also be available.

“As the world collapses, it’s hard to imagine a better way to self-soothe than immersing yourself in Mixing Colours,” observed The Times (London) in its five-star review. The recording was described as “a balm for these anxious times” by the Observer (London) and by NPR as a “steadying sound in the age of social distancing, soothing and transfixing at the same time”.

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