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First official vinyl release for legendary ‘lost’ Eno album. Presented in a deluxe gatefold vinyl edition with printed inners and a download card. Includes a previously unreleased track from the Eno vaults, “Rapid Eye”.

Originally slated for release in September 1991 and pulled from the release schedule at the 11th hour. Trailered as a return to the more song-based approach Eno had explored on albums such as Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy); My Squelchy Life even got so far into production that promo cassettes were mailed out to press and it was reviewed in some publications. Versions of some of the material was recycled on subsequent Eno albums, and bootleg copies of the review tape of the album has been traded amongst hardcore Eno collectors for years.

It finally saw an authorised release in 2014 as part of the expanded 2CD edition of 1992’s Nerve Net issued by All Saints Records. This edition is the first time that the album has appeared officially on vinyl.

The unreleased track “Rapid Eye” is a real gem, evocative of Eno’s work with Talking Heads and a genuinely exciting find.


A1. I Fall Up
A2. Not To Fail In The Harness
A3. My Squelchy Life
B1. Some Words
B2. Tutti Forgetti
B3. Stiff
C1. Juju Space Jazz
C2. Under
C3. Rapid Eye
D1. Everybody's Mother
D2. Little Apricot
D3. Over

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