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Reissue of Brian Eno’s 1992 album which found him returning to a more rock-oriented sound, albeit skewed through an aesthetic that is simultaneously playful, funky and claustrophobic, and featuring a mixture of vocal and instrumental excursions. Includes contributions from Robert Fripp, Robert Quine and John Paul Jones.
This expanded digital edition also includes the first ever commercial release of legendary lost album My Squelchy Life, originally scheduled for release in September 1991 but withdrawn at the last moment, and has since entered into the lexicon of Eno myth.

CD Tracklisting

01. Fractal Zoom
02. Wire Shock
03. What Actually Happened?
04. Pierre In Mist
05. My Squelchy Life
06. Juju Space Jazz
07. The Roil, The Choke
08. Ali Click
09. Distributed Being
10. Web
11. Web (Lascaux Mix)
12. Decentre
13. I Fall Up
14. The Harness
15. My Squelchy Life
16. Tutti Forgetti
17. Stiff
18. Some Words
19. Juju Space Jazz
20. Under
21. Everybody’s Mother
22. Little Apricot
23. Over


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