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Reissue of Brian Eno’s 1992 album which found him returning to a more rock-oriented sound, albeit skewed through an aesthetic that is simultaneously playful, funky and claustrophobic, and featuring a mixture of vocal and instrumental excursions. Includes contributions from Robert Fripp, Robert Quine and John Paul Jones.

Gatefold vinyl edition re-cut as a double LP for improved sound quality. Includes a download card to access full audio content of the original album, and printed inners containing Eno writing and images from the period.


Side A
A1. Fractal Zoom
A2. Wire Shock
A3. What Actually Happened?

Side B
B1. Pierre In Mist
B2. My Squelchy Life
B3. Juju Space Jazz
B4. The Roil, The Choke

Side C
C1. Ali Click
C2. Disturbed Being
C3. Web

Side D
D1. Web (Lascaux Mix)
D2. Decentre


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