The Drop (Expanded Edition 2CD)

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Image: The Drop
Reissue of 1997 album, The Drop was intended not only as a new area for his sonic explorations but as an entirely new style of ‘Drop’ music. Described by Eno as an interpretation of jazz from a vague, alien perspective, The Drop also integrates his interests in the melodic yet percussive basslines of Fela Kuti and the complex, labyrinthine melodies of The Mahavishnu Orchestra. Ever the provocateur, on this record Eno defies classification, avoiding association with pop, existent sonic approaches and even music itself.

This expanded edition includes a second disc containing 9 rarely-heard bonus tracks from the same period as The Drop, previously only available as limited edition of 1,000 sold at an exhibition of Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings at La Floret in Japan in 2006, the original issue of which has since become a collector’s item amongst Eno fans.

2 x CD in deluxe casebound packaging with 16 page booklet containing Eno writing and images from the period.

01. Slip, Dip
02. But If
03. Belgian Drop
04. Cornered
05. Block Drop
06. Out/Out
07. Swanky
08. Coasters
09. Blissed
10. M.C. Organ
11. Boomcubist
12. Hazard
13. Rayonism
14. Dutch Blur
15. Back Clack
16. Dear World
17. Iced World

01. Never Stomp
02. System Piano
03. Bonk 12
04. Luxor Night Car
05. Targa Summer
06. Cold
07. Little Slicer
08. Surf Birds
09. Targa

Release date: 1 December 2014

Includes 26 track MP3 download delivered to your e-mail by download link on release date.

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