The Ship

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The remastered edition of Eno’s seminal 2016 album ‘The Ship’. It comes in eco-packaging and is available in coke bottle green transparent coloured vinyl. The release coincides with a live concert series of orchestral performances, ‘Ships’ where music from this album will have it's worldwide premiere.

“The Ship is a great, unexpected record. The title track and “Fickle Sun (i)” on their own and as a connected piece of music are marvelous accomplishments, distinctive in Eno’s catalog. And “I’m Set Free” immediately ranks among the most perfect-sounding pop songs Eno has ever had a hand in making.” – Pitchfork

“The music of “The Ship” is tolling and elegiac, while “Fickle Sun,” with lyrics about the “dismal work” of a soldier’s life, is in constant metamorphosis. Electronic sounds melt into orchestral upheavals and guitar distortion; voices, natural and synthetic, loom from all directions.” – The New York Times

“The Ship is the work of someone who fully believes in the power of art as an empathic tool, as a means to invoke a particular viewpoint, an unconsidered perspective.” – The Quietus

“sits somewhere between the chilly calm of Music for Airports and the eerie evocations of the Suffolk landscape found on 1982’s On Land” – The Guardian

“The performance of ‘The Ship’ evokes the same sense of unfathomable depth and becalmed aimlessness that the orginal album evoked so vividly. That album, by the way, with seven years on the clock, is now starting to feel like one of Eno’s best." – Electronic Sound

"The first half of the set is a performance of Eno’s 2016 album, The Ship, newly reissued on vinyl. It’s one of his finest records, and this live iteration expands it to new, richer depths." – Uncut


A1. The Ship
B1. Fickle Sun I
B2. Fickle Sun II • The Hour Is Thin
B3. Fickle Sun III • I’m Set Free

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